Toilet Repair and Toilet Installation in La Verne, CA

Toilet problems are something that many La Verne residents face. These plumbing fixtures in our homes are used repeatedly throughout the day and tend to experience problems sooner than other appliances in our home. Unfortunately, when a toilet breaks it creates a major inconvenience. Unless you’re committed to visiting the gas station down the street to use the restroom or rely on the kindness of neighbors, you need immediate plumbing repairs today!

My La Verne Plumber Hero delivers fast and affordable plumbing service 24 hours a day, rain or shine. Our licensed plumbing contractors have years of experience and have access to state-of-the-art equipment such as video camera plumbing technology that makes it easier than ever to determine the exact location of toilet clogs and other problems that reside in your drainpipes.

Clogged Toilets

A stopped up toilet is messy and can pose health risks to you and your family. When you need to use the plunger every time you visit the bathroom, this is a major indicator that there is a problem. It could be something as simple as too much toilet paper stuck in the trap or a more serious problem in the sewer line. Taking care of this problem sooner rather than later is imperative to preventing a major plumbing disaster.

Running Toilets

Has your water bill increased? Are you still using the same amount of water as months past? If you haven’t increased your usage, but your water bill disagrees, the problem could be within your toilet’s tank. Listen closely to your toilet after you flush. Does it fill up and turn off within a reasonable time or does it continue to fill or phantom flush throughout the day. When this happens, you’re using gallons upon gallons of water and wasting money. Put an end to the high water bills and call for toilet repair right away.

Leaky Toilets

When water begins to seep out from the base of your toilet, you need a plumber’s assistance. Many people panic and expect the cost to repair their toilet to be astronomical when in reality the costs are minor compared to the expense associated with replacing flooring, baseboards, etc. Chances are that the toilet seal is bad and simply needs to be replaced. It is also possible that the toilet was installed incorrectly and adjustments need to be made.

Affordable Toilet Repair and Replacement

At My La Verne Plumber Hero, we make it a priority to provide our customers with impeccable service and outstanding workmanship at a low cost. If you’ve had bad experiences with other plumbing services, call us and discover why we are the preferred plumber in La Verne, CA.

We can assist you with all toilet repairs and help you with toilet replacement. There are plenty of models on the market that are water efficient and can lower your water bill. My La Verne Plumber Hero can replace and install the following types of toilets:

  • Dual-flush models
  • One-piece toilets
  • Elongated toilets
  • Low-flush toilets
  • Self-cleaning toilets
  • Elongated toilets
  • Pressure-assisted toilets
  • Two-piece toilets
  • Compact toilets

To receive a quote for toilet repair or toilet installation, call us today and we’ll put you in touch with a licensed contractor within minutes.